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Most of the highly driven people we are inspired by, we idolise and admire, who seem to turn all they touch, into gold;  have coaches. They don’t strive alone and are open to coaching.

A few areas in which people have found coaching beneficial
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Founder’s note

Over the years, it’s been my privilege to personally coach and mentor a wide variety of extraordinary people, from all walks of life. All coaching is preferably done face to face at our centre in Bangalore, India and through Skype and phone with overseas clients.

Coaching is not about fixing anything, its all about the client’s story.The dance of coaching then takes over. Better relationships and career, a stronger sense of self, always seem to come with it.

I love the sacredness of being with another person in the space of trust, commitment and purpose. Its sometimes nothing short of a miracle at what sprouts when we speak, in that sacred space of safety.



I have interacted with Shaily as a coach, she carries a unique business astuteness from her decades of experience of managing her industry first hand as well as emotional intelligence, empathy & wisdom te2

NEHA PARASHER, People & Learning,
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