What makes us different in the parenting space ?

There’s so much buzz in the parenting eco space in India today, umpteen websites, blogs, books and programs developed by the west. 

Here’s what sets the Swayambhav experience apart.


At every, step, we consciously choose the slower and deeper path, one person at a time, the one in front of us, with sensitivity and trust. We know that is where magic will happen with a cascading effect into generations. The bandwidth has been across educators, parents, single parents, those working away from home, those who are facing certain challenges or those who simply want to rise above.

Our single minded focus is on impact.


A grass roots, evidence based practice, our emphasis is on culturally specific issues and on lasting impact. Our interventions are fruits of a decade of in-depth study and experience, coupled with an understanding of the application of psychological concepts and theories.

We take pride in our pioneering culturally specific intervention design. Made in India. 


When you work with us, you will see a stamp of sensitivity, confidentiality and deep commitment to our work.

We are competent, sincere and trustworthy.


 90% of our earnings go towards educating scholars through India Forward. A registered organization run by amazing generous hearted students.

You automatically get to contribute to a great cause when you choose to work with us.


Her passion and conviction come not only from her decades of work experience and her educational background, also from being a mother of two adults.

An eternal learner, and avid reader inclined to spirituality and meditation. Born with a green thumb, she loves gardening and revels in the magic of having a tete-a-tete with children. 


I have interacted with Shaily as a coach, she carries a unique business astuteness from her decades of experience of managing her industry first hand as well as emotional intelligence, empathy & wisdom te2

NEHA PARASHER, People & Learning,
GurgaonGroup 2

flag-07 Personal Journey

1970  Born

1991 Married

1994-96 Children Born

 Before Swayambhav

1991 Director Sur Henning Private Limited

1995 Co-founded Bir Fumiture, Bir Metal Systems

 Founded Swayambhav

2009 Founded Swayambhav


2011 Parent Management Training Certification, Yale Parenting Centre USA

2012 Dale Carnegie Trainer’s Certification

2013 Certified Coach and Member, International Coach Federation USA

2013 Emotional Quotient Assessor,
6 seconds USA

2014 Master’s Degree in Psychotherapy, IGNOU

2016 Live Coach Training, Tony Robbins Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention, USA