Do you recognize and acknowledge your children

Do you recognize and acknowledge your children

How do we acknowledge our children? Is it done with words?

Acknowledging starts with a quiet feeling- when you slow down and begin to observe. You then radiate acceptance with a smile/loving eyes. They “know” how you feel about them. It’s subtle and the most potent form of acceptance. Words are authentic when they emerge from this space.

Remember expressing in words would be different for different age groups.

For younger children, a high five, a fist bump, a hug and saying, “I loved the way you held the tray so steadily and served everyone. You’re so caring and careful.” The message that the child gets is – She thinks I’m careful, she trusts me. It’s more likely that these children will trust and be responsible.

For teens and tweens-
A gentle hand on the shoulder (you’re activating a meridian pathway) with whatever you want to say in “I- language” as above – is good. Some don’t like touch- beware. 🙂

If you haven’t acknowledged your children in a while, it’s ok. It’s now time to create a new neural pathway in you and in them.

Recall little things that your children are naturally good at, things they do well, or do without you having to remind them- like putting toys away, getting ready on time, eating gracefully or caring for someone. Take time out to acknowledge what you see and how you feel. It works wonders on their sense of self.

Accomplishments don’t have to be about grades and sports only. It could be about something simple like how he/she stays by herself and manages well, while you’re away. It also need not just be about what they “do” but just about who they “are”.

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