• Number of participants
    For a good interactive and a successful workshop, 25 is a good number.
  • Individual registrations
    Though the company is sponsoring the training, we will require individual registration forms to be filled up a week prior to the workshop by the participants and sent to us.
  • Room set up and equipment requirements
    A large comfortable room for 25 people with space for practice activities
    Over head projector and mike
    Flip chart and / or white board with pens
    Water, scribbling pads and pens
  • Trainer’s fee
    Trainer’s fee will depend on the programme chosen, number of registrations and the number of days decided by the organization or institution.
  • Hotel and transport
    Arrangement for stay in a clean, comfortable and safe neighborhood and transport arrangements for the trainer
  • Airfare
    To and fro airfare will have to borne by the company.

Are you a parents who is as passionate we are, there are three ways to host a seminar

  • The interested Parent typically gathers a group of like minded people.

    Workshop venue
    • Due to the long distances of travel, especially in major cities, they prefer to have the workshops in their community hall and arrange for a projector and mike.
    • Alternatively workshop arrangements are made by them in a nearby hotel.
    • The air fare and stay is split among the participants.
  • The interested Parent presents the workshop details to
    • The HR of the organization he/she works at and has it sponsored by the company.
    • The school where her/his child studies
  • Personal coaching over phone is sought until a workshop is organized.