30 Jun 2018

“How do I sharpen my axe?”

A wise woodsman was once asked, “What would you do if you had just five minutes to chop down a tree?” He answered, “I would spend the first two and a half minutes sharpening my axe.”

What is sharpening the axe?

While we feel “Sharpening” is “making/doing”. It’s simply an act of “removing”, like shaving off what’s not required while sharpening a pencil. 

As humans, how do we sharpen ourselves?

One of ways us is removal of that which we have accumulated over the years stored as cellular memory in our physical bodies, that doesn’t serve us as adults of today. The process of discarding begins with acceptance. Most of us live in denial. 

It could be repressed anger towards ourselves, relationships or our lives, shame of our past, guilt of our wrong doings, sadness of being unfulfilled, lonely or it could be unfinished business with someone in the past.

Personal work is useful in shedding the skin that no longer serves.

Therefor it’s important for parents to allow children to release, express what they feel, even the negative ones.


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