Our Story

Swayambhav is a registered organization located at Bangalore, India - a pioneering initiative and India's first research and training center dedicated to Parenting and Emotional health.

With a decade of supporting parents and educators with nurturing children, our work is specific to the Indian culture and proudly developed in India.

Propelled by research, we have been successful in catalyzing enduring modifications, and restoring peace and harmony in families through our seminars and personalised coaching. Within the context of professional ethics, observing confidentiality is central to us for the maintenance of trust.

Sambhav our culturally adapted series of seminars and intensive programs support parents and educators, not only in learning and practicing skills but also on working with deeper issues.

One-on-one parent coaching via phone and Skype has proven to be beneficial to those distressed by a particular challenge or emotional issues of their own that has made parenting particularly challenging for them.

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What makes us different

Our single minded focus is on impact. We consciously choose the slower and deeper path.
We take pride in our pioneering culturally specific intervention design. Made in India.
You will see a stamp of sensitivity, confidentiality and deep commitment to our work.
You automatically get to contribute to a great cause when you choose to work with us.

From the founder...

Shaily Bindra Bir

Aspiring to be the parent you wanted to or struggling with a parenting challenge, Shaily’s your go to person. She is well known for her pioneering contribution in the field of parenting in India, she helps make parenting easy and fun.

With her rich experience of running an industry, she has been mentoring start-ups. Being a mother of adult children and having been a career woman all her life, she supports mothers working away from home.

JobsForHer - HerRising Award 2019

"I am honored to recieve this award by JobsForHer, for outstanding contribution in Learning and Development. The number of votes recieved humbled me and showed how people value the work I do! Thank you for your wishes, shouts, cheer, love and blessings."


Our Inpiration

Other Initiatives

Parent Body for counselling

With youth suicides on the rise we are raising awareness to certify counselling and psychotherapy in India.

Transforming lives through education

A large part of Swayambhav's earnings goes towards transforming lives through education through India Forward.


An awareness program designed by us on Body shaming and body honoring.

Baby steps to A greener Bangalore

We champion the cause by planting trees each year, through bore well recharge & rain water harvesting projects