How we begin is who we become.

A life changing workshop for couples planning a family and those on the family way with caretakers.

Our age-old Indian culture has always believed in a mother having a huge impact on her unborn child and therefore been serious about educating the fetus by reading Vedas, slokas, reading spiritual books and living a protected life away from stress by sending her to her parents’ home.

Today’s young couples living in nuclear families, may not have such luxury or the faith.

Designed with care to support expectant women through one of the most sacred phases of her life and. Life starts in the womb.

Sacred9 TM supported by worldwide research is designed to raise awareness in young couples on the impact they have on their even child before it is born. It aims at helping an expectant couple understand the secret life which starts in the womb. And be not only better equipped for the major life change, but also prepare your unborn baby for a happy, healthy life.

A simple, inviting, visual, interactive, supportive and fun, it will transform your life and the way you look at and communicate with your unborn child and thereby the way you parent your child after birth.

* Program fee and duration will be displayed when the program dates are scheduled.

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