Parenting Skills and Strategies for Success with school age children.

Many parents do not realize that their child has stepped into the next development phase, which calls for them to alter the way in which they engage with their children. The way they have been parenting have been parenting their toddlers, may not work now.

The middle years call for separate set of skills.

SAMBHAV School age program equips you with skills and techniques appropriate for this age. It strengthens parent-child interactions, reducing harsh discipline and fostering parents’ ability to promote their children’s emotional, social and academic development, as your child steps into his or her tweens and teens.

This program will help:

  • Equip yourself for a new development phase
  • Highlight the key developmental tasks for this stage of development
  • Learn a package of 10 skills and strategies for success with school age children

Recognise your own struggles that emerge as your children grow and learn to master them.

* Program fee and duration will be displayed when the program dates are scheduled.

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