Parenting Skills and Strategies for embracing your tween and teen.

The teen years are characterized by the hormones flowing, bodily changes that makes him or her wonder if he is an adult or still a child or a bit of both. It’s a confusing phase for teens and it need not be so for parents.

It calls for preparedness and equipping yourself to support your teens though this beautiful crucial phase of transitioning into young adults.

Top 5 SAMBHAV takeaways for parents of teenagers:

This will be a safe space for you to share your dreams and desires, and discuss your concerns and challenges as a parent.
  • You will learn what you might not yet know about teenagers
  • You will learn what’s behind their shutting down on you and what can help
  • You will learn how to get through to them
  • No more helplessness, you will equip yourself with a kit of SAMBHAV skills and strategies that will support you with your day to day challenges
  • You will get a glimpse into your own patterns that don’t serve you anymore
  • You will automatically become a part of the free SAMBHAV family- a parent support group

A special Bonus that only Swayambhav offers:

We will share what teens share with us at Discover-I (of course with their permission), a day long program specially designed for teenagers. If you would like your teen and their friends to benefit, here are details on how you could host one in your area. By registering for SAMBHAV, here’s how your teen will benefit –
  • they will finally have a parent who understands them, something that they are seeking
  • they will find you more approachable, not someone from whom they need to shut off from  
  • and most importantly because they will begin reaping the benefits of being “Up worthy”.

Program Details:

* Program fee and duration will be displayed when the program dates are scheduled.

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