Parenting tweens and teens

Parenting tweens and teens

In this in-depth course, you will have access to a bag of best positive parenting strategies for tweens and teens to help you deal with the most common challenges.

The seminar focuses on everyday concerns of teachers and parents, such as how to Navigate disagreements PEACEFULLY, connect WITHOUT conflict, encourage responsible behaviour, improve family relationships, deal with independence or manage problems at school or with friends.

At each seminar, you’ll be given a tip sheet to take home to remind you of the great ideas you’ve heard. You’ll be able to feel more confident and less helpless and to get back on track with your teenager – or be ready for what’s ahead.


This in-depth course will also help

  • Learn the magic that unravels by shedding the roles you are currently playing and unfold into your truest, MOST AUTHENTIC self
  • TRANSFORM your negative thought patterns from the inside out
  • And take away PRACTICAL TOOLS for living your ABSOLUTE BEST LIFE that you’ll carry
    with you for a lifetime

Untitled-1_0000_Vector-Smart-Object    Personalised small group sessions

Untitled-1_0002_Vector-Smart-Object    3 hours each session 

Untitled-1_0003_Vector-Smart-Object    6 workshops in 6 weeks

Untitled-1_0004_Vector-Smart-Object    Email support between sessions