Life changing and intense, this unique program is vital for couples who are planning a family or are on the family way. Attended by grandparents, care givers birthing experts and Lamaze instructors in the past.This program usually runs twice a year.

AtSacred9 You Will:

  • Learn how mother’s emotions contribute to the development of the child’s personality
  • Understand the second most important thing, that only the father of the child can give for its wellbeing.
  • Gain priceless insight into how parenting begins in the womb and what parents can do to make a head start into the sacred journey

Fathers understand the needs of their child’s mother and the best ways to support her before, during and after the delivery of their child.

Note: This seminar does not replace any prenatal or instruction class.


By attending this seminar, you will enjoy a special discounted price on personalized one-on-one coaching sessions.