I have interacted with Shaily as a coach, she carries a unique business astuteness from her decades of experience of managing a business first hand as well as emotional intelligence, empathy and wisdom. She brings in all these with a vibrant warm personality into her role as a coach. She is also conducting pioneering research in parenting in the Indian context and social milieu. Any interaction with such a multi-faceted personality who wears many hats with aplomb- business woman, parent and family coach, researcher, orchid grower, parent, is enriching!”

- Neha Parasher, Talent Development Consultant, Gurgaon

Shaily Bir is not a run-of-the-mill Coach. In fact, far from it. Among her many strengths, her capacity to LISTEN carries the power to heal. This is why, so many times, while the solution may come in a sentence or two, I later realize that it is her deep, listening ability that does the trick.

In all my years with her, I’ve never once seen her jump the gun. Her patience allows her that. And she’s always had an intuitive approach to the many issues I go to her with -as a parent, and as an individual.

Besides, to watch her ways with children is a joy altogether. She’s the kind of person you can be yourself with, without being afraid. The kind of person who realizes where you need a nudge, and where you need a push. Which is why I’ve had so many friends seek her for the help they need in their parenting lives, and in their relationships.

I have only watched her grow more passionate about her field, and what’s commendable is that the approach Swayambhav adopts in all its initiatives is based on hardcore research conducted by their in-house team.

I’m so thankful to have found such guidance.”

- Kaajal Ahuja, Writer

Low key, high impact!

Shaily, you have that calmness, silence and stillness within you that helps you connect to our inner world. Your non -judgemental, real -life tools, words and experiences have helped make conversations with my kids meaningful. I learnt to understand our children and their feelings. I also learnt how to respond to their emotions in a healthy way. This has renewed my energy and boosted my confidence.

If I could convince every parent to be coached by Shaily, I would. She can easily and successfully help steer parenting challenges and helps putting joy back in parenting with her “little steps-huge impact”.

- Supriya and Lovien Khullar, Bangalore

Improving Relationships & Building Self-Confidence

I can’t really put into words how much I felt helped by Shaily!
I was extremely sceptical initially about our session; more fundamentally I was utterly pessimistic about the possibility of being happy. My scepticism proved unfounded.

Shaily was very empathetic, professional and flexible regarding how we approached the critical emotions that lay underneath everything I was saying. In a short time, I found myself identifying the broad areas that were causing me to feel trapped or making me unsure of my future decisions.
The process resulted in me gaining self-confidence & looking ahead with positivity. I’m genuinely much happier – in both my work and personal life, and actively make plans and look forward to the future.

Thank you Shaily, I am so very grateful to you. The Swayambhav experience works like 'magic'!

- Aarti Luthra, Design Consultant, New Delhi

The best thing I found about Shaily is that she listens very keenly without being judgemental and what impressed me most is that she isn't biased to either party involved.

I have had tremendous improvement in my relationship with my child after attending the seminars conducted by Swayambhav. Simple skills have brought about a significant impact and I have been able to overcome several challenges I faced as I parent.

Can't thank you enough Shaily.”

- Roshni Talreja, Bangalore

There is some magic in all that you’ve been trying to help us with through. The best thing is that I don’t find you pushing us into anything we are uncomfortable with. You let us take our own sweet time. But the time definitely comes.

Undoubtedly we’ve “grown” as parents, thanks to Swayambhav. I don’t feel the need to yell at my kids. In most difficult situation I remember your words.”

- Swetha Ahuja, Homemaker

Professionally, I have been in the birthing field for long but for the first time at the Sacred9 seminar, I experienced the immense impact a mother can have on her unborn child.
There were no “do’s and don’ts’s in the seminar, but on the personal front something within me shifted and as a mother. I took a wow that day that I will not scream at my son. And thankfully, the impact was so high that, I am able to stick to it!”

- Madhavi, Lamaze and Birthing expert, Bangalore

It’s been a challenge to raise kids. Having Swayambhav and Shaily on our side has been a real blessing. I have learnt that every child is different, and I have also learnt the importance of understanding the psychology of the kids and what options may work with them. Thank you Shaily, for the opportunity to work with you.”

- Arathi and Santosh, Bangalore

I have learnt to love and listen to my child more wholeheartedly and unconditionally than ever before. It’s been a life changing experience working with Shaily, a gentle, kind and a powerful listener. She’s quick in identifying core issues, the end result has been that I have been able to be a loving, supportive, nonthreatening and desirable parent in my own eyes.”

- Sameeran, Coimbatore

This year is very crucial for my son and I wanted inputs from on how hecould use his time to get best results. The insights through the sessions with Shaily were constructive, focussed and practical. They also helped build a more positive relationship with my son. One thing that stood out for me was to express my pride as a parent, which I have not done.”

- Rajni

Shaily has been a go getter focussed and determined, not easily over whelmed nor intimidated by obstacles. She has time and again not just demonstrated these but has also inculcated the same at building Swayambhav. She has made it possible (Sambhav), all by herself on her own merit (Swayam). Undoubtedly impressive.

I heard about several scientific concepts for the first lime, and that the start of motherhood can have such a big Impact on the child. The Sacred 9 program has had an outstanding impact on us.”

- Gitanjali Sadarangani, Bangalore

We are having our baby after 12 years of marriage. I attended the seminar Sacred9 in my 9th month. The experience has been life changing! No one ever told me these things!”

- Siddhant & Kanupriya, Accenture, Bangalore

If I had to label what Shaily did in our sessions, I can’t because it was all very subtle. A huge learning was that, I found that there are different ways to approach anything, and you choose the most suitable one. I know every time I feel lost, I will turn to Shaily.”

- Kruthi Shah, Educator, Bangalore

If I had to label what Shaily did in our sessions, I can’t because it was all very subtle. A huge learning was that, I found that there are different ways to approach anything, and you choose the most suitable one. I know every time I feel lost, I will turn to Shaily.”

- Sanjay & Kripa Bhatija, Bangalore